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The Hateful Eight
Sign I made for a local protest.  They're all already caricatures, so my job was pretty easy!
The denial I'm hearing has reached dangerously idiotic levels.  
Comicy Thing
Trying to figure out clip studio paint (I have NOT figured it out), but I made this thingy.  Wee!
I've been watching a TON of DBZ abridged.  So Frieza happened, because he fucking rocks!  Woo!
  • Reading: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Watching: Rick and Morty
  • Drinking: Water it just me or is 'The Governor' the dullest, most boring villain you've ever seen?  I was really enjoying season 4 up until his reintroduction...and then it was straight into boringville.  There's just nothing to him!  He's a bland, card-board cutout of a bad guy.  It doesn't help that I find the actor who plays him about as threatening as a piece of toast.  Maybe that's what they were going for?  "Hey, he looks like he could be the local grade-school teacher!  It'll be even more horrifying when he does all this atrocious stuff!".  Nope.  Just kinda boring.  And are they trying to make us feel sympathy for him, by showing him walking around in a daze after the Woodbury thing fell through?  "Aww, look!  He's helping those ladies!  Look, he's even being nice to that poor little girl and old man!"  Pfff...don't care.  He's still a bland mass-murderer.  How do you even make a mass-murderer in the zombie apocalypse bland?  Good lord, that takes some skill.  Get back to the characters I give two craps about!  Ugh...I don't know if I'll be able to get through this show.  I find it interesting that Carol, who was a really weak character in the graphic novels has turned into a "I will do what it takes to survive badass" and the governor, who was effective and off his rocker as a bad guy, has been muted into this milksop.  :|   


Digging around in the ground
United States
Mossoak [maws-ohk]
1. One who enjoys beekeeping, birding, gardening, nature, scary looking creatures, sleeping, dinosaurs, water and random geeky things.
2. One who does not enjoy splinters, rudeness, bigotry, stubbed toes and sleepless nights.

1985, Ohioan.

Related forms
Psychoclaw, Eitak,


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